UPDATE: BC Rugby COVID-19 Mandatory Vaccination Policy

November 8, 2021 – Vancouver: As of Monday November 15, 2021, all BC Rugby Members aged 12-18 will be required to provide proof of full vaccination from COVID-19 to participate in any sanctioned in-person Rugby activity, including training, scrimmages and matches.

This update comes after a temporary delay implementing BC Rugby’s COVID-19 Mandatory Vaccination Policy to Members aged 18 and under participating in Age-Grade and Mini Rugby programs, following issues with the Sportlomo Registration system.

Children born in 2009 have an 8-week grace period from their birthday to comply with the Policy. For example, if a child celebrated their 12th birthday on September 25, they must show proof of full vaccination by November 20, 2021.

BC Rugby introduced the COVID-19 Mandatory Vaccination Policy in October to protect the safety of all BC Rugby participants, the Rugby community, and the general public. The Policy was brought in to ensure minimal disruption to leagues and programs and keep Rugby running throughout the province.

The Policy can be viewed here.


Members can either submit proof via the Sportlomo Registration system or their Club COVID-19 Safety Manager.

For step-by-step guides on how to submit using either of these options, please visit here.

Additionally, Members can manually provide proof of vaccination status to their Club COVID-19 Safety Officer without uploading documentation. This process will only need to be completed once. Please complete the following steps at your next Rugby Activity:

Written consent MUST be given by Members by digitally or manually signing the Consent to Record Vaccination Verification form.

This form can be found here.

Either print and sign this form, or ask your Club COVID-19 Safety Officer to present it to you for signing ahead of your next Rugby activity.

Please present proof of vaccination status to your Club’s COVID-19 Safety Officer.

If you were vaccinated in BC, you MUST show the scannable QR code found on your BC Vaccine Card. Your COVID-19 Safety Officer will then scan your QR Code using the BC Vaccine Card Verifier App.

If you were vaccinated outside of BC/Canada, you will need to show your provincial/national vaccine card equivalent.

For a list of accepted COVID-19 Vaccination Card examples, click here.

If you are over the age of 19, you will also need to present a piece of Government-issued Photo ID to your Club’s COVID-19 Safety Officer.

Once you have signed the consent form and presented proof of vaccination status, your Club COVID-19 Safety Officer will send the consent form and verification status directly to BC Rugby’s Membership & Competitions Administrator, Mitch Sora, at msora@bcrugby.com

Once BC Rugby receives a signed consent form and proof of vaccination status from your Club COVID-19 Safety Officer, BC Rugby will manually change your registration status to ‘Approved’ in the Sportlomo Registration system.

You will be able to view your Member status in Sportlomo – visit the Member Status History section to view who completed the Approval.