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There are many benefits to officiating in Rugby. It is a great way to stay involved in Rugby after playing and give something back to the sport. Officiating also helps with your own personal and professional development, and it helps broaden your Rugby knowledge. It keeps you both physically and mentally fit and is incredibly rewarding. 

Rugby Officials come from all backgrounds, from ex-National players to armchair enthusiasts who wanted to become more involved with the sport.

Anyone can become a Rugby referee with the right attitude. BC Rugby is here to support that process from start to finish. 

“Refereeing is a great way to transfer the knowledge and understanding I obtained playing on the national team back to the game. I also want to promote the inclusion of female referees into what has always been an ‘Old Boys Club.'”

“I referee for the pure enjoyment of the sport and to allow players the best opportunity to enjoy the game.”

“A good referee can allow players to play positive rugby. Positive refereeing leads to positive rugby. I want to be a part of that.”


Are you ready to become a Referee and inspire the next generation of Rugby stars? Follow the steps below:

Register for a World Rugby Passport and complete these three online certificates:

World Rugby Laws

World Rugby – Rugby Ready

World Rugby Concussion Management for the General Public

After each course you will be able to download, save and print your certificate in order to give it to your course facilitator.

Make sure you take your time when completing the online modules so you can absorb as much information as possible. Make note of any questions you want to ask your facilitator.

Can’t find a course in your area? Contact Rugby Education Manager Chris Assmus at cassmus@bcrugby.com for information on upcoming opportunities in your area.

After completing all the relevant courses, it is now time to put those referee skills to use! To be able to referee, you must first register here.

You can register as a Match Official under BC Rugby Referee Society or with your Club. 

After you have registered to become a Rugby referee, it is important to stay both mentally and physically sharp. 

BC Rugby provides both on-field and off-field sessions each month to help sharpen up key areas of your refereeing skillset. These can be useful if you want to work on any weaknesses or stay up to date during the off-season. We recommend attending one session each month to keep your refereeing tactics sharp.  

We also recommend training physically! A Rugby Referee can expect to run an average 5.5km during an 80-minute match. At tournaments, you could officiate multiple games and cover more ground. So being in good physical condition is a must.

Becoming a Rugby Referee has more scope than you might think! Your career as a referee has the potential to take you to Local, Regional, Provincial, National and even International tournaments. You choose the pathway and BC Rugby is here to support you every step of the way. 

Talk to your peers and mentors within the Refereeing world and see where officiating has taken them. 

Always remember to renew your World Rugby Concussion Management and Rugby Ready courses every year. 

Check out our Referee Resources section for some great information, videos and more!