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BC Rugby Rules & Regulations


Rugby is a sport that can be played and enjoyed by anyone at any age. Below is an overview of the different Law Variations that aim to create the most enjoyable and age-appropriate versions of our sport, as well as the BC Rugby Rules of Competition for Age-Grade and Senior competitions.

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The Age-Grade and Masters Law Variations designed by Rugby Canada aim to foster an inclusive, welcoming environment so players of every gender, age, size, and ability can participate in developmentally appropriate, competitive and enjoyable games.


The purpose of the Rules is to govern the conduct of all Senior (adult) and Age-Grade (junior) levels of contact Rugby Competition sanctioned or administered by BC Rugby to ensure that the sport, and its game variants, operates to the highest level of Player safety, development and enjoyment. The Rules of Competition are designed to support BC Rugby’s Purpose of growing, developing and managing the sport of Rugby throughout British Columbia.

BC Rugby Rules of Competition - Senior Rugby

BC Rugby Rules of Competition - Senior Rugby

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BC Rugby Rules of Competition - Age-Grade Rugby

BC Rugby Rules of Competition - Age-Grade Rugby

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Mouth guards are worn in contact sports to protect the mouth from injury. The purpose of a mouth guard is to distribute the impact of a contact situation evenly throughout the mouth, potentially reducing the chances of injury. 

Rugby as a sport was quick to adopt new generation (3G) artificial grass surfaces for the development of the game. What is now referred to as World Rugby Regulation 22, Rugby Turf was introduced in 2003 to ensure that 3G surfaces replicate the playing qualities of good quality natural grass. Regulation 22 defines those artificial grass systems specifically designed for the game of Rugby and as such, are referred to as Rugby Turf.

Climatic conditions, in many countries where the game is played, make it difficult to grow natural turf. In countries where Rugby Union is developing, Rugby Turf offers credible alternatives to those parts of the world where climate or resources make the growing and maintaining of good quality natural grass pitches difficult or impossible to achieve. 


BC Rugby membership is available to any resident of BC. Register as a player, coach, official, volunteer, medical staff, or supporter to become a member. Through Membership, we continue to grow, develop, and manage Rugby by offering programs for all ages and skill levels (recreational to high performance), educational opportunities and access to exclusive benefits and services. 

For more information on player registration, visit the BC Rugby Memberships Page.

For players who wish to transfer to a new Club or Province, you will need to request a transfer through your Sportlomo account. For steps on how to process a transfer request, watch this video: 

For Canadian players who wish to play Rugby in another Union, visit the BC Rugby Sanctioning Page for information on International Player Clearance.