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Welcome to the Resources section for Coaches and Officials. BC Rugby has collected an extensive list of useful resources and tools to help develop and improve your coaching and refereeing skills.

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Coaching Resources

Officiating Resources: On The Field

Officiating Resources: Off The Field


Here you will find all the tools and resources you need to continue to develop and improve your Rugby coaching across all levels.

Video Resources

Visit the BC Rugby YouTube Education Channel for videos highlighting key areas for tactical and technical development for coaches.

Session Planning Resources

Download useful Session Planning Resources such as a Training Plan Example by BC Rugby Coaches, or use your own lesson plan in one of our handy templates.

BC Rugby Training Plan Example

Download this free example of a training session plan using the BC Rugby Coaching Toolbox.

Download Now

BC Rugby Training Plan Template

Download this handy free BC Rugby template that can be used to create your own training session plans.

Download Now


Click on the icons to discover a world of external resources to help improve your coaching – from YouTube videos to expert coaching sessions.


Improve your coaching with this fantastic YouTube Channel by England Rugby.

The Magic Academy

Mentoring, coaching leadership and support to develop your coaching skills.

World Rugby

Sign up for a World Rugby account and explore all coaching resources.


Click on the icons below to explore online webinars to help improve your coaching skills.

Coach Logic

Coaching frameworks, videos and advice for Rugby 7s.

Coaching Networks

Share and borrow resources from the global Rugby coaching community! Click on the icons below to discover Online Coaching Networks.

Check out BC Rugby Coaches for free coaching development content for all levels of Rugby.

The Rugby Site

Skills coaching content for all levels at a cost of $14.87 per month.

Ongoing Training and Certification

Concussion Management

All BC Rugby staff, coaches, managers and therapists participate in mandatory Concussion Management training. Parents, players and anyone else involved in the sport is highly encouraged to take the Free Online Module from World Rugby so that we can keep our sport safe.

The message is simple: RECOGNISE and REMOVE. Recognise the symptoms of concussion and permanently remove a player displaying any of those symptoms. If in doubt, take them out. 

Play Smart

Rugby Canada PlaySmart is a Player Welfare program that aims to educate players, parents, coaches, match officials and administrators on the safety of Rugby across Canada.

The health and safety of every player across the country is of paramount importance and Rugby Canada strives to ensure a safe playing environment at all levels. It is everyone’s responsibility to ensure that all players are protected and ensure that the game is played safely. 

Keeping Certified

Keep up to date with all your Coaching administration:

Coaches must be registered and insured to protect themselves and the athletes they work with.

Coaches not already enrolled as Players or Referees can register with their Club (or as non-club affiliated coaches) HERE.

Coaches wanting to add ‘Coach’ to their existing Player or Referee membership can do so by contacting their Club Administrator or emailing msora@bcrugby.com

Every year, coaches need to ensure they complete certain courses to stay registered. These are:

Rugby Ready

Annual Law Exam

World Rugby Concussion Awareness

Coaches must regularly check in with their NCCP Locker Account and work towards maintaining their status by earning PD Points.

NCCP Locker Account

Training and Education Opportunities through Rugby Canada

Want to find out more about how you can plan your pathway as a coach?  Contact one of our Rugby Development Managers for information on how to progress your coaching career in BC:

Women’s & Girls’ Rugby – Darcy Patterson – dpatterson@bcrugby.com


BC Rugby has handy officiating resources for both on and off the field when it comes to refereeing in Rugby.  


Global Law Trials

World Rugby recently announced several welfare-focused initiatives within a package of law amendments. The law amendments will be trialled globally in competitions that start on or after August 1, 2021.

The amendments are designed to help reduce injuries at all levels of the game, from grassroots to international Test Rugby.

You can read more about the initiatives on the World Rugby website.

BC Rugby’s Rugby Development Officer Chris Assmus has produced a handy presentation (see below) and selection of videos to help simplify the Global Law Trials.

View The Global Law Trials – Simplified Presentation

These materials help define and explain changes to the 50:22, Goal-Line Drop Out, Flying Wedge/Latch, and Safety of the Jackler.

Watch the video here:

Key Focus Areas

Key Focus Areas consist of positive definitions for players/coaches and key skills for Rugby referees. Download the below resources for more information on Key Areas.


Key Focus Areas for Breakdown


Space (Offside)

Key Focus Area Space (Offside)


Set Pieces

Key Focus Area for Set Pieces (Scrum and Lineout)


Key Focus Area Map

Download the free Key Focus Area Map


Useful Video Links

Click to explore BC Rugby's YouTube channel for specific Key Focus Area videos


Video Resources

Visit the BC Rugby YouTube Education Channel for videos highlighting key areas of development for referees and officials. Click on the icons below to learn more about each key area.


View the BC Rugby YouTube Playlist dedicated to officiating at the Breakdown.


View the BC Rugby YouTube Playlist about space and positioning for officials.

Set Pieces

View the BC Rugby YouTube Playlist dedicated to officiating around set pieces.

Foul Play

View the BC Rugby YouTube Playlist dedicated to officiating dangerous foul play.

Contextual Priorities

Contextual Priorities are guidelines for making clear decisions that are easy to follow for players, coaches and spectators. Click on the icons to view and download. 

Foul Play

Download Contextual Priorities for Foul Play.


Preparation/Review Template

This is a tool to set goals for your next game and review your performance afterwards.

Position/Movement Analysis Tool

Analyse your positioning and how it impacts getting the best view of each Phase of Play.

Expected Outcomes Training

This is training you can do between games to improve performance around expected outcomes.

Card Reports

Download red and yellow card reports here:

Red Card

BC Rugby Red Card Template


Yellow Card

BC Rugby Yellow Card Template


Registration, Availability and Annual Registration

Keep up to date with your officiating administration:

In order to be appointed to referee games, referees must enter their availability online.

Sportlomo Availability

Every year, referees need to ensure they complete certain certificates to stay registered:

Rugby Ready

Annual Law Exam

World Rugby Concussion Awareness

Referee Registration and Insurance