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Rugby is a physical but safe contact sport where player welfare is the most important thing. Whether you are a newbie, a veteran, a serious athlete or just want to play for fun, there is a form of Rugby for you in British Columbia.

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BC Girls playing Rugby


The objective of Rugby is simple. Two teams play against each other and try to score points by carrying the ball over the opposition’s goal line. Additional points can be scored by kicking the ball through the goal posts at your opponent’s end of the Rugby field. The team with the most points is declared the winner. If the points tallies are equal, then a game is tied.

There is a catch: In order to go FORWARDS on a Rugby pitch, a team must pass the ball BACKWARDS (although the ball can be kicked forwards). Therefore, the focus is on teamwork and working together to beat your opponents. 


15s (XVs)

15s, or XVs as it is also known, is the traditional full-contact form of Rugby. Each team has 15 players in dedicated positions with specific roles. Eight positions are known as ‘Forwards’ and correspond with shirt numbers 1-8. The remaining seven positions are ‘Backs’ and wear shirt numbers 9-15. 

The 15s format is suited to people of all shapes and sizes, with specialist positions suiting certain athletic profiles. Forwards are the ball-winners, while backs are considered creative players who find and make space. 

The 15s format includes set pieces such as the ‘scrum’ and ‘lineout’. These are used after the ball is knocked out of play (‘into touch’) or when an infringement occurs.

15s is the most common format of Rugby and relies on tactics as well as athleticism and physicality. 

7s (Rugby Sevens)

Rugby 7s has grown in popularity over the past few decades, both at grass roots and professional levels. Rugby 7s is now recognised as an Olympic sport and made its debut at the 2016 Summer Olympic Games in Rio, where the Canadian Women’s team won the Bronze Medal.

British Columbia hosts a leg of the exciting HSBC Sevens World Series at Vancouver’s BC Place Stadium, which attracts thousands of Rugby fans from different nations and cultures.

Rugby 7s is a contact form of the sport. Each team only has 7 players on the pitch at any time. It can be played on a full or half-size Rugby field. With fewer players on each team, the focus is on speed, skill, passing and fitness. It brings together the basic skills of Rugby: running, passing, tackling and good decision making. Rugby 7s is incredibly exciting and entertaining to watch – but even more fun to play!

Masters Rugby

Masters Rugby is a format traditionally played by players 35+ years or older. It is a social form of contact Rugby for those who maybe cannot train or play as hard as they used to!

Masters is centred around the core values and traditions of contact Rugby, often pitting old friends and foes against each other. Many Masters teams tour both nationally and internationally, making bonds that last a lifetime across generations.

Masters allows both seasoned players and newbies an opportunity to bond over fond memories while playing the sport they love most.

Touch Rugby

Touch Rugby is a fast, fun and safe non-contact variation of Rugby 7s. Touch Rugby is for everyone, no matter their age, skill level, ability or previous experience! It is the ideal format for anyone interested in learning the basics of the game. Plus, it is also a super sociable sport and a great way to meet new friends or work colleagues!

Touch Rugby is a coed game where everyone gets involved. Using the same ball but smaller teams and playing areas, the aim is to use teamwork, pace and cunning to outfox and outscore your opponents! Don’t worry about crunching tackles – the aim of the game is agility and evading the grasp of your opponents. 

If you are a fan of fun, fast team sports, you will be hooked on Touch Rugby in no time. 

Touch Rugby is an ideal format for Juniors. It introduces them to the basics of the game and allows for a lot of fun in a safe, welcoming environment. 


BC Rugby wants to ensure you play in the right environment, so we break the sport down into groups by age. Once you know the grouping you are looking for, you can search for a local club or venue in your area that provides that level of Rugby.

Our young athletes play a variation of rugby called Rookie Rugby. Rookie Rugby is a fun, safe non-contact version of the sport allowing players to learn the Laws of the Game without any bumps or bruises.

Many of Canada’s best players were already in high school when they picked up a Rugby ball for the first time. Whether you want to play socially, become an Olympian, or somewhere in the middle, the sport of Rugby offers a world of opportunity.

Whether you are new to BC or new to the sport, we want to get you onto the field. In BC, you will have the opportunity to participate in full contact competitive leagues and non-contact social rugby, operated by individual clubs.

Masters Rugby Programs are offered at numerous Member Clubs throughout British Columbia. Masters Rugby is traditionally played by people over 35 years old.


This interactive map shows the location of BC Rugby Member Clubs across the Province. Click on the clubs for more information.

Alternatively, you can find your nearest club on our Find a Club page.