A New Era Emerges for Meraloma In Historic Partnership with Canada’s First Queer and Inclusive Rugby Team, Rogues Rugby

Rogues revised as Meraloma’s second 3rd Division Team, kickstarting their 2021/22 season  

This week, Vancouver Rogues Rugby Club and Meraloma Rugby Club announced an exciting new partnership that will revive the Rogues as a 3rd Division Team hosted by MeralomaThis partnership seeks to support the Rogues as they come together as a Club within the Meraloma familypreserving the legacy of the Rogues through increased diversity and inclusivity within the Rugby community in BC.  

The Rogues are Canada’s first queer and inclusive Rugby team, first active from 2001 to 2009, who ‘went rogue’ to make a safe space for LGBTQIA2S+ players. In 2021, a group of highly motivated individuals from diverse Rugby backgrounds sought to permanently revive the Rogues and rejoin BRugby’s 3rd Division Rugby scene, with eyes set on attending the 2022 Bingham Cup in Ottawa. 

Starting the Season Strong

The Rogues are officially registered as the second Meraloma 3rd Division Senior Men’s team. The Rogues kickstarted their 2021/22 Season on September 25thplaying against Meraloma’s other 3rd Division team at Connaught Park. The Rogues presented a great effort in their first game as a Club in over 10 years, while also celebrating their first Meraloma Club Day along with the other Meraloma divisions on home fields.  

A Fresh Look

The Rogues extend their deepest gratitude to the brothers and sisters in their new Meraloma family for their continued support in bringing Canada’s first queer rugby team back to life. To show their gratitude, the Rogues honoured Meraloma by wearing their branded shorts with the highly iconic graphic as well as incorporating the Meraloma orange into the new and improved Rogues logo; a caped rogue character adorned in Meraloma’s orange, carrying a progressive pride flag shaped Rugby ball.

To the start of an amazing new era in Rugby. 

“Once a Loma, Always a Loma”

Story from Vancouver Rogues Rugby Club Executive Board