Canada’s Olympians on Why You Should Register Now and #JoinTheGame

Thinking about getting involved in Rugby? Here’s why you should Join The Game

After 18 months without Rugby, there has never been a better time to #JoinTheGame.

Registration for the new 2021/22 season is OPEN! Rugby is a sport for everyone. Whether you want to play, coach, officiate, support, volunteer or meet new people – there is a place in Rugby for you!

We spoke to some of Canada’s Olympians before the Tokyo 2020 Games about what makes our sport special.

Why You Should Play Rugby

Why Should You Play Rugby?

Nathan Hirayama – Canada Men’s 7s co-captain:

“It’s such a great team game, you can meet so many people playing it. 7s and XVs – you can play it all over the world.”

Kayla Moleschi – Canada Women’s 7s player:

“There is not just one thing to love about Rugby! It helps people grow into being an incredible person. If I didn’t have the teammates I have around me, I don’t know where I’d be. Dealing with so much, standing tall and overcoming it – it’s been huge. That team camaraderie and being beside a friend – learning from each other. That’s why we play.”

Conor Trainor – Canada Men’s 7s player:

“Most of my close friends I played Rugby with at some point. It’s such a good tool for building friendships and becoming a good person.”

Julianne Zussman – Olympic official and former Canadian International player:

“It’s the friends that you meet through Rugby that makes the experience really special. There are also amazing opportunities to be able to travel all over the world with the sport. And to be part of a sport that is unique, as it is so rare to find a contact sport for girls. It is a fringe sport, so people kind of turn their head and say ‘oh, you play Rugby?’

“It’s fun to be part of something a little bit different where you can find a really incredible sense of community, but also where you can find your strengths. Especially as a young girl, you can discover just how strong and powerful you can be.”

What is the best piece of advice you can give to anyone wanting to take up Rugby?

Nathan Hirayama – Canada Men’s 7s co-captain

“The best piece of advice I’ve been given and would give to young people: I really just try and enjoy what I’m doing. Enjoy every moment. Because it is such an amazing game. The values, that team environment. That camaraderie at any level, whether it’s under-14 Club level or Premiership.

“There is a mutual respect between everyone – you’re into this game, you’re into this sport. There is a huge passion element to it. That’s the driving force behind Rugby.”

Kayla Moleschi – Canada Women’s 7s player

“Honestly, have fun with it. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes: you’re going to make them and they’re going to make you a better athlete and person. Just believe in yourself. You can’t always just be nervous to do something you’re not sure of or if you’ve never done it before because it just hides you from having those experiences. Have that confidence and do it, say you want to try new things and experiences and want to meet new people.

“It’s sport – nothing goes perfectly. It happens. That’s what keeps it exciting. Not just for people watching, but for people playing – that’s what makes you a better athlete.

“If you can start picking that up from a young age and exuding that energy, people are going to feed off that and want to be around you for it. They want to learn from you, and then you become that leader in your sport. You’ve just got to pick the ball up, have fun with it and enjoy yourself. Life is too short to get down about the little things in life, the little mistakes you make. Take that, run with it and it’s only going to make it better.”

Conor Trainor – Canada Men’s 7s player

“Getting back into Rugby is so important. Any sort of outdoor sport after COVID, but especially Rugby – you’ll be getting the best of everything. Kids are going to be shaking hands, getting to know each other. Sure, there will be a Rugby ball there but it’s mainly about building friendships.”

Canada Women's 7s at Tokyo 2020